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Help Signal Emergency

Remote supervision of loved ones, without monthly charges

  • This plug and play Helpsignal uses any home telephone socket and provides the ability to remotely monitor someone, enabling them to call you quickly when needed.
  • Helpsignal consists of an autodialer which is triggered using a wireless pendant worn by the user, at the simple press of button or by pressing any one of the 3 orange “Emergency Call” buttons below the dial pad.
  • It automatically dials up to 4 numbers of relatives, friends, neighbors or professional caregivers who are remotely supervising the person under care.
  • Once connected, a pre-recorded message giving call information is played, after which it switches to speakerphone function allowing the carer to talk to the user and assess the nature of the caller' s condition.

Wireless Disabled BathRoom Alarm

Emergency assistance alarm provided in toilet for disabled people

A wireless call system to gain immediate help in an emergency, designed to meet the worldwide need and desire to better serve disabled people.

The system includes:

  • a waterproof call button with pull cord (WCP-02) to press for help
  • a waterproof reset button (WRE-02) to cancel the alarm after rescue
  • an emergency call alarm (ILB-01) to ensure emergency action is taken

Complies with regulations devised to ensure barrier free entry and use of public facilities by the disabled.

It has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, universities, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops etc.

It may be monitored centrally from an office or guard room using our Central Monitor (CMU-02)


Simple WirelessNurseCall

Wireless Call Bell and Paging System for smaller homes

  • Provides the ability for residents to call for help by pushing a pendant or wall-mounted button from anywhere in your facility, sending a signal to a display or pagers carried by caregiver.
  • It is easy to install, consisting of as many fixed and mobile buttons as required, recorded into any of 30 sectors to be displayed at the display panel. The panel has capacity for up to 250 call buttons, since each sector can have multiple buttons associated.
  • The display panel can be wall-mounted or stood on a table top and a choice of 3 volume-adjustable alarm sounds, plus the number of the calling transmitter button, stated in your chosen languages is available – 11 languages currently.
  • The button number is displayed and announced at the display panel & pager.
  • This product helps caregivers watch over those in their care and makes their vital job easier. It is designed to be flexible and affordable for small-homes and enabled them to upgrade economically or use where installation of cables is not a practical or cost-effective proposition.

DoorWatcher™ Easyfit Strip Sensor

Wander Prevention for loved ones with dementia

  • The professional product helps caregivers watch over those in their care and prevent wandering out of doors. It immediately alerts caregivers when patients wearing wristband tags move within range of protected doors, providing an audible and visual alarm so they may be diverted from existing.
  • The kit consists of one black door strip (DMS-01), Tester with door alarm control (TTEST-01) and one or more patient wristband transmitter (TXP-01)
  • The tester device showing the wristband number within range, serves as a wristband tester, door strip tester & a reset transmitter.
  • The product can be connected to a door lock & has an adjustable system timer allows compliance with fire regulations with brief, temporary locking to prevent immediate egress by patient.
  • The product provides simplicity, elegance & afferdability. It is easy to install, consisting of one or more unobtrusive black sensor strips affixed along the top or sides(s) of the door frame. It is highly cost effective for single or multiple door location.

Features :

  • Easy temporary installation & automatic range setting
  • Audible & visual alert from strip sensor & display
  • Low battery detect for all waistbands
  • Unique magnetic switch on waistbands for longer battery life during storage
  • At central monitor is used, the door strips are automatically fault-checked & ensure operation

SafeTime & SilverLining™

Pressure Sensor Pads/Mats

We offer a wide range of bed and chair pads, which sense when weight is removed or, alternatively, floor mats which sense when weight is put on. All pad sensors sonnect to our wired and wireless Bed/ChairWatcher alarm monitors, from standard carbon-based short-term (90 day) pads, to SilverLining long-life (1 year).

Using the unique extra large SilverLining™ pad for ultra sensitive contract but very hard wearing surface. The result is virtually no false alarms over a very long life. Uses highly anti allergic soft PVC for patient comfort. Pad has vent holes in the neck away from main area to prevent water ingress and strain relief grip on cable attachment.

Size available:

Bed Pad (BPL-01): 30" x 20"
Bed Pad (BPM-01): 30" x 10”
Wheelchair Pad (BPL-01): 15" x 10"
Light weight floor mat (FMAT-01): 30" x 20"
Heavy-duty non-slip floor mat (FMAT-02): 48" x 24"


NurseryWatcher New Security System for Infants

Baby Tagging System

This system gives an alert to indicate when a baby is moved out of the ward without permission of the staff, the wrist tag worn on the baby wrist or leg sends a signal to the Central Monitor at the nurse station to alert the nurse.

Incidents of infant abduction are traumatic and hugely disturbing to parents and staff.

This is happening in hospitals worldwide causing distress and litigation. It is damaging to facility and professional reputations.

In large hospitals, multiple wards may be centrally controlled form a fully-featured central management and monitoring system. This incorporates our database software with graphic display of alarm events downloaded via a Local Area Network from individual ward systems.

The system applies the latest technology to produce a breakthrough in small tag size, low weight and longevity. Uniquely incorporating long-lasting rechargeable batteries, these wireless security tags have a predicted service life in excess of 5 years. No weight, value for money, or efficiency.

Tag size: 25mm x 25mm x 10mm


SafeTime Alert System

  • SafeTime Alert system is designed to work with high quality SliverLining SafeTime pressure sensor pads to give the very special benefit that it alerts the caregiver when the pad expires, whether after 3 months or 1 year.
  • The SafeTime concept means that no more overuse of worn and dilapidated pads, prone to faults and hygiene problems, which have been kept beyond their useful and safe life.
  • The SafeTime Alert technology has an internal clock which immediately starts timing the life of the pad automatically, as soon as the pad is plugged into the monitor. Plug in the pad only when ready to use, since this starts the internal clock.
  • You can better insure the safety of patients and protect the reputation of your facility, by minimizing the chance of caregivers inadvertently using an old, non-functioning pad, and as a result, missing wandering and falls by patients in their care.

Features :

  • The SafeTime Alert is a universal monitor which works with all pads and floor mats but its unique benefit is that it works with special SafeTime pressure pads equipped with a timer micro-chip to provide continuous timing of the safe life of the pad (3 months or 1 year).
  • As soon as the SafeTime sensor pad has expired, the monitor emits a continuos "chirping" and the Change Pad" light is illuminated. It's telling you it's time to change the pad!
  • It's a safety auto reset system which auto resets whether the button is pressed or not. i.e. can't be switched off - always ready for action!
  • Available with Caregiver Key, CK-01, to avoid patient resetting the system, or using standard reset (switchable by caregiver)
  • Instructions for care and hygiene are printed on the pads.


HushPager with Wireless ServiceCall Buttons

A wireless call system to gain immediate customer help, typically in retail or service situations, designed to meet the worldwide need and desire to better serve customers, patients and other service-users without fuss. For example - Calls from wireless buttons in fitting rooms are transmitted to display pagers carried by shop assistants.

Shop assistants receive a vibrating pager call with fitting room ID shown on the display and are able to respond quickly and quietly giving graceful assistance without alarm sounds or flashing lights.


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