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'Lone-worker' protection

     Industrial & Home Environments - Essential Points to Consider

When installing Man-Down/Lone-Worker it is essential to plan priority & efficient response for all emergency calls

The Scantronic Man-Down/Lone-Worker belt clip transmitter is a tilt switch automatic emergency transmitter

  • With two button push low priority
  • Robust industrial quality
  • Battery life of over 7 years
  • Low battery reporting to main receiver

Site Testing - When installing Scantronic Wireless Systems e.g. Cool Rooms it is wise to carry out site tests with a signal strencth tester and this will confirm any adverse areas & enable safe/sure installations

Once the Receiver is installed it has a built in signal strength indicator that can be viewed on service calls

Audible System - On site first aid personal to acknowledge & insure immediate response to emergency calls

Monitoring Station - Make sure nominated monitoring stations are kept informed of changes to correct procedures for emerengcy calls

Speech Communication - Enables emergency calls to be speech prompted to cell phones including programmed text - (New) SD3 via telephone & GSM

Paging - On site or Telecom paging

GPS System Management - Hutchison Dynamic Products Ltd are able to assist in the most suitable GPS system for your particular application - Please call us

Persons responsible for emergency call buttons are 100% confident & familiar how they operate and are audited by management/staff/family on a regular basis

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