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Bed / Chair Watcher - Rondish USA

This system detects when a frail and vulnerable patient leaves the bed. It comprises a pressure-sendor pad in the bed connected to a bed monitor unit. A range of bed monitor units are available, selection depending upon the application and caregiver requirements. The units provide outputs to connect to an existing nuresecall system and a standard nursecall system and a standard nursecall cable with 1/4" audio plugs is available as an optional extra. The bed monitor  unit detects if a patient attempts to get out of bed. Various sizes of bed pressure-sensor pads are available.

Optional up to two infra-red light beam sensors may be conencted to a monitor and directed alongside the bed. Alternatively, a purpose-designed pressure-sensor mat may be placed on the floor beside the bed and connected to the monitor.

Fall Prevention

Patients who are at risk of falling can require constant monitoring - We have the solution!

Recently, JCAHO mandated that fall reduction management needs to be a major focus for all healthcare facilities, including hospitals. It is estimated that each patient fall costs a facility an average of $19,000. Patients at risk for falls can require constant monitoring, yet many of the solutions offered on the market today are often costly and unreliable, and can monopolize the time of your staff. Safe Place Fall Monitoring is a sound solution that not only maintains staff efficiencies, it has been proven to significantly reduce falls, and increase staff satisfaction.

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