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Door Watcher Monitoring System - Rondish USA

Easy, tamper proof installation/automatic range settings and comfortable wristband brooches/ pendants that residents wear, senses vulnerable residents within a set area, from six feet up to forty feet and Floor Mat that interface to all nursecall systems.


  • Easy, tamper-proof installation and range setting
  • Monitors up to 1000 residents with a unique ID for each
  • Senses vul nerable residents within a set area, from 6 feet up to 30 feet
  •  Up to 16 doors can be monitored with door codes at the Central Station
  • Connects easily to an electric door lock, with timer to comply with fireregulations
  • Audible and visual alert
  • AC adaptor with back-up battery power option
  • Low-battery indication on door unit and for all wristbands
  • Detection and display of AC power loss
  • Unique magnetic switch on wristbands for longer battery life during storage
  • Caregiver wristband override/reset (patients can be escorted through doors/area)
  • Unique programmable wristbands can set user I.D. and function
  • Sends signal to Central Monitor at nurse desk
  • Auto fault-detect/out-or-range feature
  • Keypad reset option


Wandering Monitoring/ Outside Loop System


These systems are reliable and restraint free security designed to ensure the safety of your wandering residents, the systems allow visitors/ staff to move about without barriers, and alert staff immediately if a monitored resident attempts to leave the building or enter an unsafe area.

Transmitter tags can be wo on the wrist (like a watch) ankle or attached/sewn on garmets where residents cannot remove them.

Interfaces to Nurse Call System/Computer.

Restraint Free Protection
Flexible Security
Easy Installation

When Premises are Securely fenced, exit gate can be secured with underground sensor loop.

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