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Cooper Security UK was one of the first companies to launch genuine narrow-band 868.6625 MHz radio systems and can claim to be company with the greatest experience in the field.

  1. Receiver Bandwidth
  2. Receiver Technology
  3. Anti-Collision Technology
  4. Sabotage Prevention
  5. Transmitter Leaving


Scantronic Wireless Products



Many manufacturers of alarm systems have tried to develop solutions to cope with the congestion on the 433 MHz band by using systems with two or more frequencies, or complex spread-spectrums products. We, at Cooper Security, believe this is not the best solution, since a car driving along the M25 at 8 a.m. will always take much longer to cover a given distance than one driving the same route at midnight.

Cooper Security UK’s new 868.6625 MHz narrow-band technology, offers new levels of radio performance and reliability. The difference between our new narrow-band 868.6625 MHz secure radio and the existing 433 MHz and 868 MHz wide-band units is the difference between your old AM car radio and the latest DAB state-of-art listening experience! Which would you prefer to listen to?


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