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Prison Locks



Cell Security Limited provide a comprehensive range of Cell and Custody Locks for use on doors in all applications within the custody area.

Doors fitted within the custodial area require different locking applications, from the highest security slam action locks fitted to cell doors to secure deadlocks for gates and doors. A range of lock types and class are available, all fit for purpose and Home Office approved, for use in Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Prisons, HM Armed Forces, Custom and Excise and any buildings that require a detention facility.

Doors within the custody area can be fitted with or prepared for an approved lock to suit the application, electronic remote releases can be used in conjunction with most lock types, where applicable dual locks can be fitted. Cell Security stock a range of locks and have the ability to respond to emergencies to meet the customers needs.

Other available features or options:

  • Locks fitted in door frames
  • Anti-barricade devices
  • Replacement keys
  • Prison Lock Installation

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